Fee Schedule

Services and Associated Fees:

  • ERISA Qualified Plans


  • Each Additional QDRO/Plan

    $250.00 (Under the same case and employer. The first order under each different employer is regular price)

  • Non-Qualified Plans

    $550.00 (Deferred Compensation Plans, Excess Benefit Plans, Stock Option Orders, Employee Stock Purchase Plans, etc.)

  • Translation Services

    $250.00 (per Hour.)

Government Retirement Systems:

  • Federal Government


  • State and Local Government


  • Military

    $550.00 (Includes filling out of DD2293 and DD2656-10 (SBP) forms)

  • Rail Road Retirement System



  • IRA Domestic Relations Order

    $500.00 (Includes Letter of Acceptance)

  • UPS Retirement/Pension Plans


  • Child Support Collection and Alimony Orders


  • Review of Previously Prepared Order


  • Valuation of Benefits

    $250.00/hr* (Includes Defined Benefit Plans and Defined Contribution Plans)

  • Mediation


*Minimum two (2) hours
All fees are required in advance prior to drafting
Payments may be made by checks, cash or any major debit or credit card
Additional Charges May Apply