Qualified Domestic Relations Orders. Drafting all Orders.

Drafting all orders from ERISA and Non-Qualified Plans, to Federal Retirement Systems, Military Retirement Systems, Railroad Retirement System and much more. We have experience in handling UPS Retirement plans, as well as NFL, MLB and IRA Transfers. Additionally, we also offer mediation services to help facilitate both parties.

More About Us

A few of our services.

ERISA Qualified and Non-Qualified Plans

Including Deferred Comp and Excess Benefit Plans, Stock Option Orders, and more.

Federal, State & Local Government

Federal, State and Local Gov't, as well as Military and Rail Road Retirement System.

Valuation of Benefits Analysis

Includes Defined Benefit Plans and Defined Contribution Plans.

Certified Mediation Services

A Supreme Court Certified Mediator conducts all in office mediations.