Our Services

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders
Drafting all Orders from ERISA and Non-Qualified Plans to Federal Retirement Systems, Military Retirement Systems, Railroad Retirement System and much more. We also have experience in handling UPS Retirement plans, as well as NFL, MLB and IRA Transfers.

In the state of Florida we are a lawyer service, accompanied of a reputable Florida attorney, who handles your QDRO from beginning to end. We will make sure the Order is preapproved, entered with the court and certified, prior to being sent out for final administration. We also offer legal advise on your case and attorney advise, to help facilitate the process.

If we are contacted prior to the Settlement Agreement being entered, we will send you draft language for the decree for FREE. Just contact us prior to filing; once we get basic information on the plan from you, in less than 24 hours we will send you the language required.

Mediation Services
On top of being available for all your QDRO needs, we also offer mediation services to help facilitate both parties. A Supreme Court Certified Mediator, who has been practicing mediation in and out of court for over 5 years, conducts all in office mediations.

All of our services are offered in English as well as in French!
Tous nos services sont accessible en Englait et en Francais!